The 11 Week Itch

Waiting time

After the excitement subsides (a little) that you’re pregnant, the worry sets in and you start questioning everything. If you are being sick or not, feeling tired or not, sore boobs or any of the other many symptoms you can suffer in your first trimester. You judge yourself by everyone around you and read millions of baby and pregnant mom forums (like you ever read anything on a forum before!) and start wondering if you are actually still pregnant.

I am currently 11 + 3 and still another two weeks away from my dating scan… arghhhhh! This waiting period is frustrating and all I want to know is if everything is ok and baby bear is growing normally and enjoying his home I’m making for him/her. If you’re anything like me, you’re impatient and want to know everything yesterday, sadly I have to be put back in my box and told ‘No wait!’

I’m hoping everything will be fine and I just need to keep eating well and looking after myself but “Oh god, roll on 8th November please!”